ANTHEPROT is a windows software for protein analysis .

News : Release 6.3.1 of ANTHEPROT available   
A new release of ANTHEPROT is available:
- Some bugs fixed (Leu was ignored in sequence from PDB files)
- New client server mode requests update of the ANTHEPROT client (download)
ANTHEPROT 3D is a molecular graphics program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids from RCSB archive.

The 3D module of ANTHEPROT 3D has been completely written in OPENGL. It is now available as a standalone program and can be associated with ANTHEPROT plateform of protein sequence analysis. An image gallery and video are available which demonstrate the software graphic capabilities.
Reference: An interactive 3D viewer of molecules compatible with the suite of ANTHEPROT programs.
Deleage G (2012) Journal of Biophysical Chemistry 3 : 35-38
News : Antheprot 3D now supports the 3D Zalman screen  
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